COVID 19 Operational Posture

Please see our brief discussion on Wellington Construction Group's response to COVID-19 crisis.   


Our Plan to Deal with Crisis

We have developed this framework to give leaders a step-by-step framework to deal with potential threats and compromises. 

Goals and Elements


  1. Protect Crews
  2. Preserve our operations capability


  1. Identify: Screening, evaluating and testing (when appropriate) personnel that exhibit symptoms of viral infection. 
  2. Isolation: Immediate removal and isolation of any personel that meets the criteria above.
  3. Containing: Enhanced sanitation practices on job sites, small crew footprint on jobsites, 100% NO touch policy, mandatory face mask use and meticulous personal hygiene. 
  4. Seek Treatment: Ensure that affected individuals seek treatment for symptoms. This may include, but not limited to, self-quarantine and any other medical procedures directed by the individual’s medical care provider.      

* NOTE: It is up to leaders to ensure affected individuals seek medical attention, as appropriate, and not allow any personnel back to work until evidence of medical clearance is provided and officially filed within organizational records. 

Use of Framework

If we experience an operational exposure, we will enact the step-by-step process noted in the framework to achieve our stated goals. 




In response to the current crisis we are implementing the following policy. 

- Constantly wash hands.

- Use barriers when entering and exiting buildings.

- Use stairs when possible to enter and always to exit building.

- Do not enter in elevators with anyone. 

- Stay away from all individuals at least 6 feet. 

- Consider all areas high risk.

- Consider all people contaminated.

- Use mask at all times when in the presence of others.

- Clean boots and uniforms daily. 

- Practice meticulous personal hygiene. 



We will continue to conduct operations until such time that the local, state and/or federal government restricts our logistics and operational movement. We may also experience delays in the supply chain that can cause delays on projects large and small. 

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We are following guidelines from the CDC Business and Organization page

Site Safety Brief